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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2009

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    Happy Friday! Are you in the mood for some new music? If so, you are in luck. This week's mixtape is overflowing with amazing new tracks from some incredibly talented boys and girls. This is our 33rd edition in our T.G.I.Mixtape series and while we may say this a lot, we really feel this is one of our best mixtapes yet. We hope you feel the same way. -Greg Lozoff

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    1. Little Boots - "Ghost"
    This week we are starting things off with a song from UK electro-pop songstress Little Boots' debut record, Hands. At first we were going to play her latest single, Remedy but once we were turned onto this song we changed our mind. While "Remedy" is a catchy club tune, "Ghost" is a little more dramatic than the rest of the tracks on the album, yet still catchy as hell.

    2. Amy Millan - "Bruised Ghosts"
    Next we have a new track by Amy Millan who you know as a member of indie rock group Stars and Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene. "Bruised Ghosts" is the lead track on Millan's sophomore solo effort, entitled Masters of the Burial. On the album she is joined by some famous friends including Evan Cranley from Stars, Dan and Jenny Whiteley, Liam O'Neil as well as Leslie Feist who we hear harmonizing along with Millan on this track.

    3. Sea Wolf - "Turn The Dirt Over"
    Ever since the release of Sea Wolf's debut album, Leaves in the River, back in 2007, we have been eagerly awaiting their next release. The good news is that their follow-up album has finally been released and the even better news is that it is wonderful. If you don't believe us, take a listen to this orchestral gem called "Turn The Dirt Over".

    4. Zero 7 - "Medicine Man"
    Here's another brand new song from Zero 7's latest album, Yeah Ghost. While the album is everything you would expect from Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, what came as a big surprise to us and I'm sure to most Zero 7 fans is that the beloved voice of Australian singer/songwriter Sia Furler is nowhere to be found. But even though Sia is not on the album, we are introduced to some other great voices like Martha Tilston, Rowdy Superstar and Eska Mtungwazi who we hear on this almost Outkast-like track.

    5. Monsters of Folk - "Say Please"
    There have been a number of supergroups that have emerged over the past few years. There was Chickenfoot, which contained members of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Hallen and Sammy Hagar. Then there was Tinted Windows which had an even stranger lineup including James Iha from The Smashing Pumpkins, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick and the legendary Taylor Hanson. Well now we have Monsters of Folk, a supergroup that we can actually be proud of. This one is made up of M. Ward, Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, and mister Bright Eyes himself, Conor Oberst. Surprisingly enough, these guys have been playing together since 2004 but because of busy schedules and such have only gotten around to releasing their debut album this year. Well we are loving it and we hope you will too. This one's called "Say Please".

    6. Blitzen Trapper - "Going Down"
    Here is a brand new song from Portland, Oregon's Blitzen Trapper called "Going Down". It's pretty much a known fact that their latest album Furr was their best work to date as the band has seen their fan-base grow exponentially since it's release. The Black River Killer EP is a good indication that the band isn't slowing down one bit. The true test however will be whether the band can keep it up on their next LP. Something tells us they can.

    7. Ivy - "Corners Of Your Mind"
    This one isn't exactly new but it is new to us so we would like to share it with you. Ivy is a trio from New York City composed of Adam Schlesinger, Andy Chase and Parisian singer Dominique Durand. They have been together since the mid 90s and have released five albums and an EP in that span. Their most recent album, In The Clear was released in 2005 and that is where you can find this song. Apparently the band is working on a new album to be released in the new year so be sure to watch for that.

    8. Jump Clubb - "A Frozen Hug"
    Jump Clubb is the Batman of electro-pop. Their identity is unknown but they are here to protect us from listening to bad music. All that we know is that they are an anonymous band from Beverly Hills. They have decided to remain anonymous so that they can concentrate solely on making music without having to deal with the fame and popularity that comes along with being musicians. All we really know is that they have released a catchy new single called "A Frozen Hug". Now it's up to you to guess who they could possibly be.

    9. Islands - "No You Don't"
    Islands front man Nick Thorburn has never been one to stay still. From the electro-pop of the Unicorns to the hip hop of Th' Corn Gangg to the folk rock of Human Highway, Thorburn has been constantly reinventing himself and exploring new sonic terrain. On Vapour, his latest album with his band Islands, we see that no longer is the band playing funky island pop or dramatic orchestral rock but something a little more electronic. "No You Don't" is a perfect example of the new and perhaps improved, but definitely different Islands.

    10. Rose Melberg - Things That We Do
    After a three year hiatus the queen of sleepy-time music, Rose Melberg, has returned with a brand new album of solo material called Homemade Ship. If you aren't familiar with her you may know her better as a former member of The Softies. The good thing about her solo stuff is that it doesn't really differ from what she was doing with the Softies. It's sort of just a continuation without the other member of the band Jen Sbragia. There's the same breathy vocals, the same beautiful harmonies, and the same reliance on guitars as the main means of instrumentation. Since it doesn't seem like there will be any new Softies records any time soon this is certainly a welcome replacement.

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