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    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2008

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    Back in 2004 Peter Arcuni teamed up with Justin Tenuto, David Klein, and Zach Winter to create what is now Birdmonster. That same year, their self-titled album hit the circuit, and, not long after, was followed up with No Midnight. Through that record the group of Californian musicians gained thorough recognition, jumping on tour to open for bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tapes N' Tapes, Coldwar Kids and The National.

    This time around, the boys have released what could either be a deal maker, or a complete miss. From the Mountain to the Sea (FADERLabel) is a twelve-song recording that opens with "My Love For You"; a track that's comprised of a monotonous chorus hook, and harrowing vocals from Arcuni. Later, on tracks like "Residue", Arcuni demonstrates an accelerated taste in his own musical ability. Of course he's no snob, and "Born To Be Your Man" - the strongest track on the album - demonstrates that. At first notes, a chilling Dylan-esque tone is set, followed by soft, warm lyrics that are sure to fill mix tapes across the country. As far as lyrics go - as far as any lyrics go with projects like these for that matter - the songs dig their roots into the art of storytelling. Some of the lyrics come together as dark fluffy anthems, while others turn out being the, "You had to be there to understand," sort of deal.

    Overall, at the end of the 40 minutes, From the Mountain to the Sea makes itself out to be a solid album. Fusing catchy pop numbers, with decent indie rock and folk, admirers of artists like Songs:Ohia or Brooklyn natives Pela will quickly join the ranks of the Birdmonster fan base. - Xavier Bustos

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