The Libertines Find A Wee Bit Of The Old Ultraviolence
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Max Stalker-Wilde

    Sometimes a video helps provide a fresh and alternative side of a story to a piece of music. Sometimes, it simply adds exciting, entertaining images to exciting, entertaining songs. The music video for "Heart Of The Matter" by The Libertines is definitely the second one. Watch people force what looks like crack rock smoke down some victim's lungs while regular folk in turn watch it like it's a TV show. The extreme stimuli that is this music video sort of takes the foreground of the entire piece due to the fact that the song itself is comess of as mild in comparison. One of the themes of this video seems to be entertainment, and that's what this accomplishes. Many different groups of young people watch a peep show of the band torturing someone. The escalation and atmosphere of the torture itself is somewhat diluted by the fact that this a music video and there's a song that's kind of supposed to be focused on. The real core of the visuals here seems to be that people are watching and that there is a show made out of torture which is a very common theme in punk rock, and it's an idea that is performed well here with violent color schemes, British action movie style wardrobe, and good old fashioned abuse.

    The music itself is also really entertaining. This is the kind of band that reminds you that bands are awesome. These guys don't go for anything they're not because what they are is badass and original. The rhythm section has the great jaunty tone proven to drive really euphoric guitars and vocals. Every aspect of the music allows raw, underground and totally punk elements to thrive without losing any tightness, precision or deliberation that make songs function. Don't watch the music video if you don't want to see great theatrical violence and make outs, but no matter what, this song is real rock and roll.

    PS: Filmmakers, would you stop juxtaposing strongly sexualized scenes with gory violence? We get it. Thanks. [Ed. Note: Amen]

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