Jose Gonzalez Drops Another Body Horror Video That Overflows With Beauty
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Max Stalker-Wilde

    Unorthodox percussion and an ugly elephant monster man...there might not be a more interesting way to start a music video. Jose Gonzalez is an expert at what parts of music drive the listeners attention. The guitar part alone is ear eating enough to save any song, but what sets this piece apart from any Latin-influenced pop song is its seamless transitions from the catchy samba-esque sections to a more standard yet clearly genuine and touching Simon & Garfunkel-y medieval sound. And it's refreshing and exciting to hear someone actually experiment with vocal harmonies like this. Although this vocal style is often used to mask weak lyrics, that isn't the case here and you rarely hear such different emotions in voices singing together without it sounding like a mistake. And you especially rarely hear such different emotions, strange harmonies, and contrasting convictions sung at the same time. But we need to move on, and its time to talk about the dancing, flying, lonely, sweating elephant monster thing in the room.

    The animated music video is led by an elephant monster man that seems to encompass feelings of isolation, sadness and strong imagination. This thing looks like the last blue meany picked in gym class or if Homer Simpson were in The Hills Have Eyes. Eventually, in the music video, after sitting down and being gross and bored for a few days, this abandoned Mike Judge project looking guy starts walking around an incredibly bland landscape. The creators knew all too well that absolutely nothing was required to make this characters journey fantastic due to just how interesting this creature looks. And eventually he starts flying around. Or swimming? Im not sure I can tell you what happened in this music video but I can tell you I loved it. Honestly if this whole song and video were scrapped and all that was remained was a picture of this elephant man, this would still be one of my favorite music videos Ive seen in a long time.

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