Chris Cornell Gives a Rock Edge To A Prince Classic
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Max Stalker-Wilde

    Major rock stars have a pretty long history of covering songs markedly different than their own material, and the results have gone in a lot of different directions (and levels of quality), from surprisingly cool as Richard Thompson's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" to terrifying and hilarious as Sid Vicious' "My Way." So it's really hard to know what to expect when you find out Chris Cornell from Soundgarden covered "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Prince [Ed. Note: As made famous by Sinead O'Connor]. Before any of the music starts you can notice it's an entirely acoustic set up...just two guitars, a cello and a voice. When the music starts, it won't disappoint. The arrangement plays to an almost country western angle without damaging the compositional strengths of Prince's piece. Chris Cornell's voice is borderline comically rock and roll, but every time his voice gets close to being ridiculous, the musicality of the strings is moving enough to bring you to the legitimacy of this song's sincere and catchy lyrics.

    Chris Cornell's "Nothing Compares 2 U" is a really cool and solid rock and roll effort unto itself. It's a strong and smart acoustic grunge version of a Prince song. The piece itself is probably the most striking part, but the tone of the honest vocals, gorgeous breath of the cello and the powerful if uncreative guitar solo would have made this a downright amazing song if Chris Cornell hadn't said the guitarists name right before the guy's solo like he thinks he's Ray Charles.

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