Like White on Rice -- Damien Rice's Return.

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    After seven years of near-silence, except for the occasional contribution here and there, Damien Rice looks to be back and in no small way. Between a new album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, that's set to hit stores on November 3rd and a world-spanning, sold-out tour that kicks off in San Diego on October 7th, Mr. Rice looks set to have something of a revival.

    If you're a tad cautious, and what fan wouldn't be after a hiatus that long, then you can always tip-toe in by listening to the just-released single, "I Don't Want To Change You," from the forthcoming album. An at-first-understated bit mlange of piano, violin, standard acoustic guitar work and whispery vocals, "I Don't Want to Change You" builds by degrees and layers until peaking with a crescendo that's all percussion, ramped up strings and Damien's characteristically soulful vocals before fading back out on the same notes it came in on. It's not my cup of tea -- I find it all a bit maudlin and insistent, like Rice is pleading for the listener's belief, begging us to believe his sincerity and trying to prove it with ostentatious arrangements -- but noted DJ Zane Lowe and The Evening Standard seems to disagree: they've already gone so far as to claim the album a contender for the best of the year.

    But why shouldn't you be the judge of that? Just give it a listen!

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