Good Music Wednesday: Hard Proof Afrobeat

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Hard Proof Afrobeat hail from Texas, but they sure don't sound like it. The sound is fat and funky, the groove undeniable. The bass rumples like a thumping old dancehall speaker, the guitar skips along like a fleeing gazelle, drums and percussion roll like the mighty Congo, and horns majestically blast like the coming of a king. In The Good Music Club's latest concert feature on Baeble, Hard Proof Afrobeat spin the globe more than a few times for a sweaty, tipsy, delirious gathering of fans deep in the heart of the live music capitol of the world. Texas produced, yet internationally inspired, Hard Proof Afrobeat offer one of the most exciting performances we've seen yet from our friends at The Good Music Club. Get on it.

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