Everyone's Problem - Chris Brown is a Walking Disaster

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    There are some people so plagued by controversy that one begins to wonder if they're an honest-to-god troublemaker or just some kind of karmic magnet. Take Chris Brown as a perfect example: the dumb bastard's been the center of almost perpetual controversy since the world discovered he was regularly beating erstwhile-girlfriend Rihanna. Compounded by scuffles with Drake and Frank Ocean, a hit-and run in Los Angeles, that bit about his assaulting fans in DC last year ya know, actually, there's little question here. The guy's a walking disaster who seems to bring nothing but the worst along with him. Take, for instance, the shooting of Suge Knight at an after-party Brown hosted last month or a stabbing after a Drake and Lil Wayne show on Monday evening (Brown and his crew were in attendance, obviously).

    Now, it should be noted that police admitted they've got no evidence linking Brown or his entourage to Monday's stabbing. Though they did emphasize that trouble tends to follow Brown wherever he goes, that they're more than a little sick of it and that they've got their suspicions that the Brown camp was somehow responsible for the assault. They also admitted they couldn't prove it one way or the other. Whatever the cause of all this trouble that follows Brown, though, smart fans should probably recognize the pattern and hang back for a bit while the rest of Chris Brown's career plays itself out. Unless the reason they follow him is because of the danger and controversy, which, sadly, might explain more than a little about Brown's continuing appeal. And that's just sad.

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