Andre 3000 Throws Shade At Leo Dicaprio For No Reason

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    In my opinion, Andre 3000 can pretty much say or do whatever he wants. The man is a living legend. A god. So it is only fitting that he was cast to play preeminent musical genius, Jimi Hendrix, in this years biopic Jimi: All is By My Side.

    But here's where things get tricky. Like so many impressionable young hearts before me, I am a hopeless Leo lover. I began swooning during DiCaprio's first appearances on Growing Pains, where he played Luke Brower, a homeless teenager, and I haven't stopped since. At a screening of his new flick this week, Andre was asked what actor he might have play him in a movie of his own life, to which he replied, "We should cast somebody stupid like Leonardo [DiCaprio]." 3000 joked that a filmic representation of his own life should be an outrageous comedy, rather than a sober homage.

    I only hope that Andres adjective "stupid" applied to the choice of actor, and not the actor himself. Because if it came to a showdown between 3000 and DiCaprio, I simply do not think I would be able to choose.

    On that note, imagining an embodied conflation of these two crushable hunks is utterly brilliant. Have at it!

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