5 Things We Learned From Our Session With Magic Man

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Baeble Music recently had the opportunity to get up close and personal with Magic Man. The 5-piece synth rock band was kind enough to share their musical talents and answer a few questions for us, but it's these five things we took personal note of that makes them that much cooler.

    1. The band cares about fashion. Or at least singer Alex Caplow does. Before our session he was very indecisive on what shirt to wear. While we appreciate his desire to have just the right look, we're pretty sure his fans love him no matter what heplays in.

    2. There songs "Paris" and "Texas" are waaay more fun than the 1984 indie cult film Paris Texas

    3. The band will be heading out next month for an extensive US tour in support of their latest album Before The Waves

    4. The band knows how to party. They even admitted to still feeling the effects of raging the night before when they showed up to their private session with us.

    5. Magic Man is a group of perfectionists. The band played each song three times to make sure we had the best take possible.

    Check out our sneak peek of our exclusive session below!

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