Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home' Video Is An Action Movie Nightmare
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    To complement the release of his third studio album, Nothing Was the Same, Drake unleashed an over-the-top music video for its sensual single "Hold On We're Going Home". The video takes us back in time to Miami with a strangely specific date of 1985 - which was one year before he was even born - for an explosive shoot-em-up gang-buster adventure. It's not exactly what you'd expect as the visual partner of such a sensual, slow-snapping song featuring the soft falsetto of Majid Jordan. Not to mention, its plot is far from groundbreaking. Drakes lady (in lingerie, of course) gets kidnapped by a kingpin; Drake and his crew go and shoot up the bad guys' hideout (in a dockyard, of course). There's even a plot twist! But pay close attention because it's insignificant and easy to miss. If Drake's trying to hint at an acting resurgence, the dude better get back in that wheelchair.

    Nothing Was the Same is out now, and you can stream it in its entirety below.

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