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    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

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    When Bridezilla first began receiving fair and fond accolades, the only thing working against them was their age. Two years ago, the Australian was still in high school. Still, the band's debut EP began to garner some lauded comparisons in their native land to the likes of Dirty Three, Cat Power, and PJ Harvey. Now free of those juvenile obligations, and with a full-length album on the way, Bridezilla are finally able to put a mighty push behind their well learned slurs of folk, jazz, pop, soul, and indie rock.

    Coming through NYC for the first time, we caught up with the teenage (actually stop the of them might be in their twenties) quintet at the Guest Apartment. Throwing the fresh faced Aussies under our lights and in front of our cameras, the band weaved their way through a shifty set of three oh so lovely songs. On "Beaches" drummer Josh Bush, saxophonist Millie Hall, and violinist Daisy Tulley create a whimsical sort of feel, churning clicks and clacks on the snare rim, flighty fingered notes on the sax, and more robust symphonic flourishes on the violin. "Heart You Hold" is the moodiest of the bunch; vocalist Holiday Carmen-Sparks breathing and cooing in her own slinky sort of way. And "Whitefeather", the sessions galloping finale, is the most upbeat track, pulsing along to guitarist Pia MayCourtley's acoustic lead. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Bridezilla at The Guest Apartment

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