It's Not Everyday You Meet Someone Like The New Regime's Ilan Rubin
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Ilan Rubin is best known for the intense, driving force he galvanizes Nine Inch Nails with behind the drum kit. Seriously, look up some video of this guy (we did it for you). He is all muscle and shocks of hair...a seizure-induced flail of limbs crushing cymbals and rolling through NIN's industrial-sized fills. It is really something. No wonder he can say he's been a professional, touring musician since the age of 14 (also spending time behind the kit for Paramore and Angels & Airwaves).

    "As I was growing up I became more and more interested in other instruments," the unassuming, supremely down-to-earth, 28-year-old recently told us. "Not that my love for the drums diminished in any way. I just found interest in other places...guitar, bass, piano. But I was a late comer to singing. I started signing at about 18 years old. I saw that as the final piece to the musical puzzle." And thus, Rubin's own musical project, The New Regime, was born.

    Rubin has released two proper full-length albums under his New Regime moniker: 2008's Coup and Speak Through The White Noise three years later in 2011. In 2013 he released an extended, 8 song EP titled, Exhibit A; a collection of songs that, in his own words were, "very different from one another, in the sense that I could have taken the style of any one song and written a whole album based around that." It's an interesting he returned to on the long awaited follow-up to Exhibit A, conveniently titled Exhibit B, which was written and recorded almost entirely while touring with NIN in 2013-14. If you're going to stay as busy as Rubin does, you've got to demonstrate some creative patience. Exhibit B did not get released until 2015 and he didn't even make his way to our studio until 2016. The nerve of this man!

    In our newest Baeble NEXT session, Rubin takes us through what it's like to be involved in so many musical endeavors, as well as touches on the differences between fronting and managing his own projects and working with living legends. He also offers up 3 riffy, acoustic takes from the Exhibit EPs. It's a fascinating profile on an artist who has found amazing ways to make an living out of his surreal, musical talents.

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