Flock of Dimes' 'If You See Me, Say Yes': A Colorful and Focused Discovery
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    RATING: 4.5/5

    "Sometimes it is right to have no answer, to sit with myself and remember." The twenty-one seconds of wisdom and hallowed out synths in starter track "Sometimes It Is Right..." sets the tone for the rest of Flock of Dimes (Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak)'s enchanting new record, If You See Me, Say Yes.

    Taking a turn away from her usual Wye Oak material, Wasner fills up on trickling synths and glitchy, sharp percussion. There's still some guitar, but she trades in strums for slides with an effortless swoop. The second track, "Birthplace," has a stomping groove as little synths poke at our ears, panned closely to both left and right. More chilling, self-aware metaphors are spat, "My love is not an object that rusts with lack of use" and "You are a suitcase I never unpacked."

    "The Joke" starts out sounding like something off of a Postal Service album but quickly changes once the vocals start. It has an upbeat tone and searing guitar that's borderline bluesy at moments as Wasner's voice echoes in the background. "Semaphore" is an obvious standout, as it was released as the first single earlier this year. "Won't you liven me up with color," Wasner sings, which is a bit ironic since this may be her most colorful, focused album yet. "Ida Glow" offers a thriving beat and fuzzy robotic vocals that take on the role of synths.

    Jenn Wasner's voice is like no other. Although we always knew of its beauty, this project specifically highlights its ability to blend, transform, and fit itself into other sonic spaces with no resulting creases. Her voice is almost mother-like - in a great way. It's calming, sophisticated, and warm. It molds into different genres and works well with change. In fact, this whole record - melodically, lyrically, sonically - is reassuring. Simply put, it's cool. It boasts an unusual sense of maturity and reassurance that we sometimes can't find within ourselves. When we're feeling a little dark, this record will forever offer color and life. Wasner - never flustered - may be discovering a new side of herself with Flock of Dimes, but she seems to be perfect standing exactly where she is.

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