Now Playing: The Fantastical Pop Noir World of Melanie Martinez

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    It would be impossible not listen to the music 20 year old singer Melanie Martinez creates, and not slip into the world she creates with her delicious, pop-noir. These aren't just songs, constructed of verses, choruses, and bridges. These are dark, fantastical play lands, of sorts. These are dark places, but not exactly sinister. It's more like Halloween or a Tim Burton film. Melanie is curious of the shadows, she likes to play in the dark. So will you.

    Sitting down between takes of "Pity Party" and "Soap", from her new album Crybaby, Melanie explains that "the whole point of the album was to take childhood themes and relate it to adult situations. Every single related to childhood. The actual core of the song the dark, gooey, ganache middle of the cake as I like to call it is the honest and adult story or situation."

    In performance, Melanie is emotive and dramatic...every bit of her being pours out of her petite figure (her Instagram handle is @littlebodybigheart) in a heroic way. She was born to's no wonder she killed it on Season Three of The Voice.

    She's also got big plans for pop...she wants to be heard and has spent time thinking about her place in the music world. "I don't like a lot of pop music, but I like the idea of pop music. It can be so impactful and honest and real." Can be? With Melanie Martinez now in the mix it already is.

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