Ex Cops' Amelie Bruun Goes Metal As Myrkur

    • Posted by: Frankie McSweeny-Glynn

    We love Ex Cops here at Baeble. And Ex Cops' Amelie Bruun has her new black metal side project, Myrkur, that is the total opposite of the 90s tinged electro-alt pop of her main project, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Myrkurs contribution to Adult Swims singles series is the definition of symphonic black metal. Den Lille Piges Død (The Little Girls Death) showcases Amelie Bruuns vocal abilities, layering soprano harmonies over crunchy, gutteral screams. The track is spacious while remaining heavy, the sound fluid while keeping each section very distinct, which is by no means an easy feat. Bruun opens with harmonies over a simple, sustained piano and synth section, everything melting into each other as the track builds. It almost feels wrong for this track to head in a heavier direction, but its hard to imagine it any other way. The song builds to that classic black metal sound we all know and love - heavily distorted guitars, with a steady but forceful drum track relying on the ride.

    I almost wish Bruun was singing in English, but at the same time, I dont need to understand what shes singing. The vocals are strong and confident, but very clearly distressed. Her soprano tracks are perfectly melancholic, but her screeches make it clear that what shes feeling isnt typical sorrow. This is the sound of pure anguish, and the instrumentation supports it fully, even matching the sound of the vocal tracks they correspond to. The orchestration and piano are as open as the vocal tracks, and the guitars and drums are as condensed and distorted as Bruuns screams. The track is epic, building strongly towards that final chord, then bleeding out and fading away.

    And if you enjoy this, why not check out Bruun's day job with Ex Cops in our exclusive SXSW session.

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