Arcade Fire, Mac Demarco, and Drake All Didn't Win the Polaris Music Prize
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Throat singer Tanya Tagaq is probably best known for her appearance on Björe's track, "Ancestors," off 2004's Medúlla. Throat singing is a beautiful if strange vocal expression rooted in guttural bellows and chanting, so while this win comes well deserved, it's still highly unexpected. Tagaq was up against Drake (Nothing Was The Same), Arcade Fire (Reflektor), Mac Demarco (Salad Days), and Owen Pallatt (In Conflict) to name a few. This is what she sounds like:

    The Polaris Prize winner walks home with Canada's Album of the Year award, as decided by a panel of music journalists, bloggers, and broadcasters—oh, and $30,000. Tagaq is the Prize's ninth recipient, for her album Animism.

    In her improvised acceptance speech Tagaq threw in a "fuck PETA" for good measure—but seriously, fuck PETA. Her rationale, however, is rooted in her roots; raised Nanavut in Canada, Tagaq explained, "if you can imagine an indigenous culture thriving and surviving on sustainable resource, wearing seal and eating it ... I really believe that if hipsters can make flower beards in, then you can do it with seal." She wrapped up her speech with a perfectly strange confession: "I'm only comfortable when I'm grunting."

    I'm comfortable with that.

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