the guest apartment: admiral radley
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2010

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    A slurp of laid back, California indie pop is yours for the taking in this, our latest episode of The Guest Apartment. Here, Admiral Radley find a comfy stoop fit for performing on a luscious warm day in Brooklyn, strolling through a number of cuts from the bands recently released album I Heart California. It's the sort of easy going session that makes sense given the roots of the band. Featuring members of both Grandaddy and Earlimart, the coming together of great friends and musicians happened rather casually. "There was a little downtime for Grandaddy, and a little bit for Earlimart too", explains Ad Rads Aaron Espinoza. "We thought, why dont we hang out together...drink beer and stuff. Oh, and I have a studio. Why dont we do it in there? Ok, why dont we record this hanging out?"

    In a similar way, this sunny segment of The Guest Apartment kind of has the same feel...only, now youre invited too (though we did have to ask one lurker who passed by to move a bit further down the block...he was creepy). David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Admiral Radley

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