katy perry kicked off of sesame street
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2010

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    Remember our somewhat sarcastic musing on the sexual undertones of Katy Perry's appearance on popular show FOR CHILDREN Sesame Street? We mentioned earlier this week that the ice cream princess was going to be playing "tag" with everyone's favorite androgynous monster Elmo. Looks like we weren't the only ones watching it at work. Parents have been berating the sexy star's appearance all week and the producers have decided to pull the segment from the show.

    They even took the video down! It's cool though, we found it (in case you missed it):

    Nextime: Lady Gaga. You can only imagine! Meat puppets! -joe puglisi

    UPDATE: Don't search Youtube for Lady Gaga/Sesame Street mashups, or you will find a lot of fan-made Bert and Ernie set to "Bad Romance". I need an adult.

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