IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Broods - "Recovery"

    I interviewed Broods at Meadows last weekend (which will be dropping on the site soon!) and they were the sweetest people. Not only were they the sweetest, but their set was genuinely one of my favorites of the entire weekend. It made me revisit their 2016 album Conscious and, although most songs on it are bangers, this one is a real star. I always leave it for the end of my run, when I'm running out of breath -- suddenly I'm sprinting!

    Wolf Alice - "Heavenward"

    Just excitedly gearing up for their new record...

    Jaws Of Love. - "Microwaves"

    Jaws Of Love. is the solo project of Local Natives member Kelcey Ayer and, damn, it's beautiful. Based solely around the piano, the entire record consists of gorgeous, heart-wrenching ballads. I specifically like this one because of the change around the 2:40 mark. The percussion mixed with the dark chord progression... And then Ayer's ethereal layers of vocals... It's just stunning.


    Chousand - "Wizard Wig"

    I like songs that make me laugh. The opening lyric is "my friends are having the time of their lives and I'm home alone smoking weed in a wizard wig," which is just tragically relatable. Wait, is that not normal?

    Jetpack Jones - "Me, Myself and Mary Jane"

    I swear this pot theme was unintentional. (Sorry, Mom!) Jetpack Jones preaches self-love and the joys of moving on to living a life on his own, with a little help from his friend Mary Jane.

    Sean Bones - "Hit Me Up"

    I listened to this song a lot in high school when I'm pretty sure it was one of those weekly iTunes Store free songs. I'm so glad I rediscovered it because I love songs that start out by singing about eating breakfast. Plus, it has this easy early-morning vibe you want to carry with you all day long.


    Miley Cyrus - "Malibu (The Him Remix)"

    Let's be real, this song was SCREAMING to be remixed. It's kind of a snooze fest on it's own. Now we can party with the "New Miley" on the weekend without having to revert back to Bangerz.

    The Killers - "When You Were Young"

    I saw The Killers play at Brooklyn Steel earlier this week, and this song was by far one of my favorites. It also takes me back to my Guitar Hero slaying days. And in case you didn't know, The Killers are out with their new album, Wonderful Wonderful, today!

    No Doubt - "It's My Life"

    I don't really know how I started listening to early 2000's No Doubt but I'm happy I did. The music video to this track is one of my favorites by far. It's reminiscent of one of my favorite musicals, Chicago.

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