Farewell to Music's Best Instagram Grid Aesthetics
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Last week, some Instagram users noticed a change to their regular layout; instead of viewing their own grid of pictures in three columns, there was an added fourth column. For a lot of people, this change doesn't really matter. Three columns, four columns, what's the difference? But for others, this change means the complete and utter destruction of the aesthetics they have worked hard to build, based on the three-column grid. While it's unclear if Instagram is actually planning to make this change, the four-column look seems to have been a test of the interface rather than a glitch. People have said that the four-column change could be to accommodate the larger screens of new iPhones.

    So, in case Instagram really does ditch their classic grid, we decided to compile some of the best grid aesthetics musicians have graced us with. Feast your eyes while you still can.

    1. Beyonce

    beyonce instagram

    For the love of Beyonce, Instagram, please just let the three column grid live.

    2. Anderson .Paak

    anderson paak instagram

    Anderson .Paak's Instagram feed is basically one giant mural. Not just row after row of perfectly matched pictures, but one continuously morphing mural. Honestly it's really cool to look at… while it's still perfectly aligned…

    3. Demi Lovato

    demi lovato instagram

    Even though all of Demi Lovato's perfectly paired rows of three don't line up with each other, you can definitely see the effort made to make those rows cohesive.

    4. Jaden Smith

    jaden smith instagram

    Jaden Smith's go-to method of Instagramming utilizes the three-column grid, sometimes making a continuous image out of a row or just repeating the same image three times. None of that will make sense if Instagram switches to a four-column interface, although I'm sure Jaden Smith would say something deep about how Nothing Makes Sense.

    5. Lady Gaga

    lady gaga instagram

    The whole image is a little off right now because it's been shifted by later posts, but just two more posts and the image will be perfect. That is, if Instagram keeps the three-column look.

    6. Troye Sivan

    troye sivan instagram

    When Troye Sivan was promoting his album Blue Neighborhood, his whole Instagram was The Grid. Scrolling back to these pictures is still cool, although maybe not for long.

    7. Selena Gomez

    selena gomez instagram

    (Possibly) R.I.P. to the coherence of Selena Gomez's promotion of "Bad Liar" on Instagram.

    8. FKA Twigs

    fka twigs instagram

    It may be a promotional Nike thing, but the aesthetic is great - with FKA Twigs, how could it not be? Let's just hope it stays that way, and the whole four column thing was only a fluke.

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