So Dirty Projectors Just Released a New Song
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Jason Frank Rothenberg]

    "I don't know why you abandoned me / You were my soul and my partner."

    Literally just a few minutes ago, we were discussing what Dirty Projectors was up to after releasing a very confusing teaser. Well, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist David Longstreth just released his first song since 2012's Swing Lo Magellan along with a video. The song is angry and starts out with the upset lyrics shown above. "We don't see eye to eye," Longstreth repeats over and over again as he samples himself and takes on a James Blake vibe. The video is black and white and features facial close ups, smashed guitars, gorgeous granite, and a whole lot of emotional distress.

    We can only assume there's a new album to follow...

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