Are The Dirty Projectors Teasing a Breakup Album
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    In a surprising move, indie band Dirty Projectors released a video on Facebook yesterday entitled: "What We Imagined and What We Became." The video is of band frontman David Longstreth's face swinging back and forth in black and white, accompanied by the sound of an electronically remixed loop from their song "Impregnable Question" off their 2012 album Swing Lo Magellan. This odd video has fans speculating wildly about what the video means, and what it could reveal about their upcoming album. Some fans worry this video indicates that the newest album will be a remix album, like their 2013 EP that is a set of remixes of "The Socialites," another song from Swing Lo Magellan. Others believe this video indicates a radical new shift in style in which the generally live instrument indie band decides to craft an electronic influenced album.

    The most interesting theory so far is one circulating on Reddit's indie music forum Indieheads, in which users speculate that the video indicates an album centered around the public breakup of David and the band's backup guitarist and singer Amber Coffman. The line looped in "What We Imagined And What We Became" comes from a song in which David and Amber, then dating, talk about their love for one another. In the line sampled, David sings "we don't see eye to eye," which could be interpreted as revealing problems in their relationship. This, along with the title that can also be interpreted as referring to a failed relationship, has lead fans to speculate that this song is about the breakup, and that the album may be as well. Whether or not this theory is true, its an interesting take on the teaser, and if true, this upcoming album could be an amazing tearjerker.

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