Out And About: Metronomy At Irving Plaza
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    Hailing from Devon, England, the often experimental eletro-pop outfit, Metronomy, found themselves on a dismal Thursday evening, gliding across the stage at New York's Irving Plaza. And as they took to their instruments, bearing nothing but the steam that had already began to emanate from their shoulders, I found my place in front of the stage with my heavily "refined" plastic cup of rum and coke.

    And like the name implies, which one could only assume derives from the word "Metronome", the band played a handful of tunes corrupted by idiosyncratic time signatures peculiar enough to baffle music junkies but fetching enough to keep every listener dancing uncontrollably.

    Their performance, which never really stopped, but rather surged and swelled from one song to the next, had me spilling my drink over and dodging the oscillating heads of the dudes that take dancing lessons from The Night At The Roxbury.

    And as the crowd leaped and stretched their arms towards the spectrum of colors that pulsed from the bottom of the keyboard and synth, the band thrashed on their instruments and expelled a coercive energy I have yet to see from other rising acts.

    It's no surprise though, considering Metronomy has been an active band since '99, that their live performances mirror their studio versions so accurately. But, what I had not expected was how intricately expansive their sound really is.

    Sure, upon listening to the studio albums I always acknowledged the twinkling piano melodies and covertly placed harmonies of songs like "The Bay" or "Love Letters", but upon listening to the same songs in a live setting, I found myself in awe trying to catch who was playing what.

    At certain times, the whole group rotated like a volleyball starting line each member shifting over to the next nearest instrument, readying themselves with sips of whatever the fuck was in their cups.

    And It was then that I lost my proverbial shit.

    Even now, though I remember it all so vividly, I have trouble finding the proper words that describe what Metronomy did to me that night.

    Maybe I should note that I paid little to no attention to the band before seeing them live. Maybe I should cite the fact that, for me, it was a school night and I hadn't planned on partaking in anything remotely as incredible as what I had the privilege to see. But, I digress.

    Metronomy killed it. Ten out of ten, 5 stars, 100 points ... Whatever your rating system ... Just get off your ass, find the hand of your significant other and see them live. In that order.

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