Give Miley 10k And She'll Give You A Tattoo
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    If you've got 10,000 dollars then Miley Cyrus is willing to take it off your hands. Hell, she'll even throw in a tattoo to commemorate the occasion! Yup. Ms. Cyrus announced back on Friday that, in her ongoing efforts to support the Los Angeles homeless youth shelter, My Friend's Place, she's willing to design a tattoo for anyone with pockets that go 10k deep. For those of you with shallower pockets, well, at $5,000 she'll record your voicemail for you, while at lower levels she'll give you a t-shirt, or a hoodie, or even just temporary tattoos (which, at a mere $45, is really the way to go for the frugal-but-interested). So, if you like what you've seen of her work, (remember her "Dirty Hippie" NYFW nonsense?) well, hey, go ahead and splurge.

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