First Listen: Fierce Bad Rabbit's New Album Living Asleep
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Since 2009, Fierce Bad Rabbit has been making waves in the music industry with their folk-pop rock sound and growing their fan base with every show. The quartet, Chris Anderson, Alana Rolfe, Max Barcelow, and Dayton Hicks are set to release their fourth album Sept. 23, but Baeble has the exclusive stream to simmer in your speakers right now!

    When we caught up with Anderson, he lent insight to the new album and the almost effortless way it all came together.

    "Living Asleep was created by surprise. We didn't know we had those songs in us and it all just happened to come out, we had scratched some ideas, but once in the studio at Sonic Ranch we found ourselves working really well all together-the best we've ever worked as a team," he said. "The album seems tell the story of our personal lives, a tired and reluctantly optimistic coming of age, a snap shot of a time and place where nothing matters, but the music that is played. That's how we all felt together while recording that album-all we had to do was create. It was joy to make."

    Take a listen below!

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