IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    I've been in a groove this week, and I wanted to share it with you. I've been doing a deep dive into some of my favorite old tracks from my favorite artists. Rediscovering some old gems is always fun, and it gives me a fresh appreciation for all the new, amazing music that's coming out this week. The new Masego track is so smooth, and I can't get over the Knocks remix that Baeble just premiered. Maybe one of them will be an old favorite that I (or you) will rediscover in a few years.

    There's a healthy dose of genre bending fun in this week's playlist, and each song is pretty unique. But I think you'll notice a trend. So enjoy the weird beats and dancey, funky tunes, and enjoy your weekend!

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