Twain's New Song 'Little Dog Mind' is Folkin' Great
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    Folk outfit Twain released a new single today on SoundCloud. "Little Dog Mind" is an acoustic number with Twain's signature signature, canned-style vocals providing a stunning vessel for this upbeat folk song. The song has a slow but foot tap-inducing bass line, and a harmony that escalates as Twain frontman Mt. Davidson approaches the chorus, which peaks in an impressive long, high note. A faint, echoing chorus gets mixed into the melody leading up to the chorus as well, giving it a really satisfying polish. Fans of traditional folk will be pleased with this song. And anyone with a too-active imagination (or ADD) will appreciate lyrics that appear to be about letting thoughts drift to unwanted places.

    This is the kind of song that gets us really gets us excited about a band's future. Earlier this year Twain dropped the equally excellent "Solar Pilgrim". "Pilgrim" is a lower-energy, pensive track that features more of Mt. Davidson's soulful vocals. Both "Solar Pilgrim" and "Little Dog Mind" appear on Twain's upcoming album Rare Feeling, out October 20.

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