NOW PLAYING: A Baeble NEXT Session with The Aces
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    While some bands are manufactured, put together by label executives with the hopes that they'll make a profit, the all-female indie-pop group The Aces is anything but. The band came together in their hometown of Orem, Utah, when they were just kids - lead singer Cristal and drummer Alisa are sisters, and Mckenna and Katie, the bassist and guitarist respectively, were close friends with Cristal. Things came together naturally when they realized they love to write and perform together.

    When The Aces stopped by Baeble's office for their NEXT session with us, they naturally started off by talking about their beginnings as a band. It's easy to tell from their banter that their closeness is genuine. After introducing themselves, the band launched into performances of a few different songs from their debut EP, I Don't Like Being Honest, including "Physical," "Baby Who," and "Stuck." While the sound of their EP has more of an electronic tinge to it, their NEXT session was stripped down and simple, revealing the pure catchiness of their pop melodies and the strength of their songwriting.

    Between songs, The Aces told us more about how they've gotten to the point they're at now, taking turns talking about the perks of growing up in Orem, Utah, developing their sound through performing live, and the process of writing and recording their debut EP.

    Be sure to check back tomorrow when The Aces' session drops on Baeble Music.

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