Let The Siervas Sisters Take You to Church
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Baeble is not usually where you would go to find information about religion, except for in the figurative sense. Like, when an artist features a gospel choir on one of their tracks, we'd say something about going to church. But this time, we really are about to take you all to church.

    Three years ago in a convent in a tiny Peruvian town, a rather unconventional rock band was formed. Siervas is a a group made up of eleven nuns. Yes, you read that right. Nuns. Las Siervas, which means "the servants" in Spanish, have released two albums and garnered over a million views on YouTube, all with their songs about love and faith.

    If you were to ask any of the Sisters, they would insist they're not rockstars. But their music says otherwise. The electric guitars and classic rock and roll beats utilized by Las Siervas prove not only are they absolute rockstars, but they're total badasses. They perform in full habits with crucifixes around their necks, and have performed all around the world.

    They may sing entirely in Spanish, but their message is one that is understood across the globe. The comments on their YouTube video are posted in just about every language under the sun. Even non-religious people find themselves enjoying the music these Sisters put out; their melodies are infectious and it's hard not to smile watching all eleven of them beaming as they shred.

    Las Siervas are hoping to receive a nomination for a Latin Grammy, and we're praying for them.


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