Baths Makes a Comeback After Four Years With New Single 'Yeoman'
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Will Wiesenfeld, better known by his stage name Baths, has returned with the announcement of his new LP, Romaplasm, which is expected to drop on November 17th. This will be his first release as Baths since 2014's Ocean Death EP. Wiesenfeld has expressed the influence nerd culture had on the album. Anime, video games, and comics have major significance in his life, and he reflected that in the sound and feel of Romaplasm.

    The lead single from the upcoming album is titled "Yeoman." Right away, the impact of anime and video games on Baths and his songwriting is clear. The song would not at all sound out of place on the soundtrack for a Super Mario game. The base of the song is created by whimsical, arpeggiated, synths and dance-like drums. Wiesenfeld's vocals are layered in an odd but playful way, adding an overall feeling of lightheartedness to "Yeoman." Lyrically, the song takes the listener through the journey Baths' embarks on with his fictional dance partner as they travel throughout a landscape that seems like the various levels of a video game.

    Our first taste of Romaplasm is fun and lively, and definitely has us looking forward to the rest of this long awaited album.

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