COIN Made a Music Video about Making a Music Video

    • Posted by: Nick Chow

    Did you hear? COIN just released a very self-referential music video for their single "Talk Too Much," and it is so much fun to watch. Many bands or pop stars may seem to have their own unique personalities, but there is plenty of work that goes into an artist's persona that is usually never seen by the rest of us. As COIN front man, Chase Lawrence puts it, "When it comes down to it, in this business, it's all about who's kissing who."

    With bright colors and Fight Club-esque labeling, the band lifts up the backdrop to reveal all of the wacky drama and realities of being in the entertainment industry. Watch the comical mayhem unfold as this video is forced to yield to backstage gossip and people who simply talk too much. COIN is going on tour with Bad Suns this fall. Dates HERE. They're also working on releasing their second full-length album early next year.

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