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    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010

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    A funny moment that unfortunately we can only reference as it was trimmed from our latest concert release. Deidra Muro, whose melodious vocals compliment musical cohort Paul Hammer's boy next door pairing at the helm of indie pop outfit Savoir Adore, does an impression...of Ben Gibbard...singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". She of course did not volunteer such an impression, but was egged on to do so by one of her band mates. And, it wasn't too bad.

    In this performance at Brooklyn Bowl, the promising New York upstarts reveal an affection for bands like Death Cab For Cutie that might go a little deeper than cute impressions. Here, the band twist lovelorn lyrics and head clenching instrumental/vocal melodies, providing the kind of affecting twine that may as well replace the heart strings for tugging on. Plus, the band's crisp and tidy pop tunes suggest they place a premium on their craft. In short, Savoir Adore are a band to keep an eye on. Perhaps you should start with this set captured during last summer's edition of The Northside Festival. - David Pitz

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    Savoir Adore: Live at Brooklyn Bowl

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