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    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

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    Pictures By Joe Puglisi

    Datarock destroyed many faces with their energy at The Highline Ballroom last Thursday. Matching jumpsuits, running around the crowd, general shirtlessness, and tributes to Patrick Swayze were in abundance.

    The Norweigian electro punk act isn't as well known here in America as they are worldwide (see our interview discussing their proclivity towards playing strip joints in America, with the bonus information of why the red jumpsuits?). The tour featured support from YAP fledgling Karin Park (RIYL: Bat For Lashes) and at the end they invited up fellow performer Esser to celebrate his recent wedding. It looked like this:

    We be poppin' champagne, holmes.

    After the slow dance to "Time Of My Life" at the end of the show admidst champagne guzzling (i.e. Swayze tribute) Freddy tossed his glasses into the crowd for one lucky crowd-goer to take home. He didn't toss his red 'Datarock' brand tracksuit top but he certainly lost it somehow for the encore, because he was shirtless and sweaty and did we mention pretty hairy? But there was no denying the energy blowing the hats off of the crowd (we mostly kept our shirts on), with Datarock's special blend of catchy and spoofy rock forcing sing-alongs from unsuspecting non-believers and arm-crossers. I want to believe, Freddy. I have no idea what the lyrics are to "Fa Fa Fa" but I'm pretty sure I sang along to the entire thing.

    For a full set of concert pics, check out the link below. Red is out now via the Datarock run Young Aspiring Professionals label.-joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Datarock At The Highline Ballroom
    Datarock on Myspace

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