harlem shakes no longer shaking (maybe)
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

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    The joyous pop of Technicolor Health seemed so optimistic, with cries of "this will be a better year" bringing smiles to our faces. But the rumors are too abundant to deny what could be the truth, fellow shakers, The Harlem Shakes might have called it quits this weekend, according to the Brooklyn Vegan.

    We're pretty bummed about this. The Harlem Shakes showed a lot of NYC indie promise for fun. We even heard commemorative action figures are in the works.* Although no statement has been released by the band, their Wikipedia page already lists them as a past tense band saying "Harlem Shakes was an American indie rock band formed in 2006. It is looking pretty bad, you guys.

    If the rumors are true, then Baeble may have one of the only full concert videos available for streaming left out there... what a save! So even though there will be no more shaking in the present tense, you can still relive past shakes through Baeble. Check out the link to the video below and don't forget you can also purchase the entire show as a download from iTunes or a physical DVD from our site. -joe puglisi

    *We didn't actually, but wouldn't that be cool?

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    Concert: Harlem Shakes At Watch Entertainment's Showcase
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