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    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

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    San Francisco native Birdmonster is gearing up to release the 8-track Blood Memory EP on the Fader Label. It should be a juicy affair, and by that we mean vampires, because Blood (duh). And by that we actually mean that the band stated it's "something darker" than their usual brightly colored folk.

    Considering their songs are usually pretty jovial, and first track "Yuma" seems to follow that aesthetic, we're interested to see how this turns out. The tracks were originally cutting room trim from the sessions for From The Mountain To The Sea, the bands 2008 release produced by Tom Schick. The eight tracks that comprise Blood were among the original twenty-four created during the sessions. The band also called it "something more perilous, more narrative, more conceptual than any of the material we'd thus far released. We found a world desperate for gunfights, confrontations with The Man On High, journeys through ice by way of the desert; If its predecessor was a stab at something concise and singular, this was a world of extremities."

    We once grabbed a video of the indie rock group at Mercury Lounge while their were just little monsters, circa 2006. So that might be worth checking out before picking up the EP, which takes flight tomorrow, 9/22. -joe puglisi

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    Concert: Birdmonster At Mercury Lounge
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