The 5 Most Legendary Songs at Every Killers Show

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Although it's a huge statement, I mean it when I say that The Killers put on one of the best shows of all time. Last night I caught their SiriusXM show at Brooklyn Steel and I walked away thinking, "man, there is not a single bad song in this band's discography." It was an overwhelming rush of hit after hit, with songs off of Hot Fuss, Sam's Town, and even their forthcoming record that's not fully out yet, Wonderful Wonderful. The Killers write songs that are made for a high energy rock show so we wondered, what are the 5 most legendary, must-see picks off the setlist? When the band plays two solid hours of quality music, suddenly the task to narrow it down to 5 becomes taxing, but we've decided to challenge ourselves.

    1. "The Man"

    This is the lead single off of their forthcoming album Wonderful Wonderful and I liked it immediately upon first listen. Sure, listening to Brandon Flowers go on about cooking steaks and lifting weights is funny (he's ultra dreamy, which does good things for the imagination), but it's also just a really good, energetic song. They opened the show with this last night and it was the best way to pump up the crowd.

    2. "All These Things That I've Done"

    Not only is this a legendary Killers song, but it's also probably their most epic song of all time. Why this is on the list is a no brainer: hearing the crowd chant "I got soul but I'm not a soldier!" is a pretty special moment.

    3. "When You Were Young"

    This one is every Guitar Hero player's dream, right? Cue the nostalgia. Also, someone get me my guitar (the fake plastic one, I'll leave the real guitar playing to Dave Keuning).

    4. "Human"

    Honestly, being able to scream the existential question "are we human or are we dancer?" is the most satisfying - and most hilarious - privilege ever.

    5. "Mr. Brightside"

    Ah, so you were getting to the bottom of the list and thought, "wow, maybe they're not going to include ‘Mr. Brightside' on this" ...Because that'd be oh so totally cliche, right? WRONG. I am a fan of The Killers. I know and enjoy all of their songs. I could have put "Bones" or "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" but let's be honest. This song is one of the biggest hits in rock music for a reason. Pretty sure that as soon as that familiar guitar riff started, everyone sang "I'm coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine," with reckless abandon.


    Oh yeah, "Fame," as in that super iconic David Bowie song. The Killers threw that into their set last night right after the opener, making a smooth and surprising transition from "The Man" to this. Flowers' facial expressions showed how much he was enjoying himself and, when wearing a bejeweled jacket like that and covering Bowie, it's a guaranteed fun time for everyone involved. It also perfectly encompasses the funky, glitzy Killers 'tude.

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