Maggie Rogers' New Song 'Split Stones' Has Us Tearing Up

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Well, Maggie Rogers has done it again. She has ripped into our chests with her bare hands, stolen our hearts, and shattered them into a thousand pieces.

    The singer/songwriter/producer partnered up with The North Face to release her brand new single "Split Stones," which is also featured in the ad for the release of Ventrix. Apparently the song is inspired by nature, Maggie's trademark at this point, but in a note shared along with the song (below), she shares that the song is also about what she was going through during the last semester of college. After holding onto it, she's finally releasing it into the world as a parting gift. Why? Well, because she just wrapped up a life-altering nine month tour, so now it's time to explore the next chapter of her life. *Sheds a tear*. The song is typical Maggie Rogers, with an anthemic chorus, pretty melodies, danceable beats, and samples of nature definitely churning underneath there somewhere.

    maggie rogers split stone north face

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