Lizzo Talks Staying Hydrated and Inspiring Millions of Women

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Close your eyes and randomly pick out a song from Lizzo's discography and there's a good chance that it'll either be about self-love or fuck boys. Take her hit "Good As Hell," which is quite literally about feeling good as hell, or her newest single "Truth Hurts," which is about dealing with, well, fuck boys. Even one of her most recent songs, "Water Me," covers both topics. In our latest interview with the singer, we sat down after her set at Meadows Festival in Queens, NY, and she revealed that the song was inspired by the singer taking better care of herself by chugging water on tour every day. That imagery then led to not wanting to deal with "thirsty people." Then she went on to call out my older brother (sorry, Alex) who questioned the song, telling him that clearly, he's dehydrated.

    But consuming that wonderful necessity for survival isn't all we covered in the interview. We also talked about Lizzo's inspirations, as well as how she inspires other women who listen to her. Women who are not only fat or skinny, but all sizes. Chatting with Lizzo was a one-of-a-kind experience, and she's easily one of the best women in the industry right now. Tune in to the interview to hear the rest... And yes, things get a little weird.

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