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    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

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    Despite playing an almost note-for-note rendition of their recordings, Vampire Weekend kept the crowd on their feet with their Cape Cod kwassa kwassa.

    Radio City Music Hall is a stage notoriously difficult for dance-ish rock acts. Lead singer Ezra Koenig barely spoke, but when he did, it was either to thank the enthusiasm of the crowd, or to beckon them further out of their seats. The band, being from New York, seemed well aware of the gravity of the situation... you don't just "play" Radio City. Having a name in the marquee is yet another milestone for the band who inadvertently inspired a generation of now almost iconic cheers and jeers for their faux-Afro-pop. Whether or not you agree with their rise to stardom, it's hard to ignore the sheer sugary rush of their best numbers.

    Despite Contra being featured most prominently in "controversy" (sorry), due to their dispute with the girl featured on the albums cover (you know the story), the band retains its image of innocent, popped collar, ivy league party-boys. Again, it's an image that would irritate most of the musical elitists out there, but the music seems to continue to be something we can (mostly) all agree on. That and binge drinking.

    Contra is out now on XL. -joe puglisi

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