sesame street of the day: katy perry
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

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    Katy Perry one-upped professional snooze-factory by showing up to Sesame Street jacked up on candy canes and ready to play dress-up. Her modified version of "Hot and Cold" is cute, but an over-sexed superstar isn't exactly always the best guest-star for a plot involving Elmo's inability to play dress-up with her. Someone send this ambiguous monster to NYU! He has got some sh*t to figure out!

    Silly rabbit, this show is for young, uncorrupted minds.

    In other news, Perry recently talked about her evolvement (?). Listen to her.

    Haha. For "people that are actual fans of this whole body..." (of music). WELL SAID.

    Teenage Dream is still selling a lot of records guys, no matter how many bands from the 90s go on reunion tours. Get over it. -joe puglisi

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