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    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

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    Brooklyn's disco revivalists Escort make an ode to the white lady on their new single, "Cocaine Blues." Escort's lively sound has always made listeners feel as if they found a thirty-year old gem in the two dollar disco crate at their favorite record store, and "Cocaine Blues" proves to be no exception. Though the track oozes late 70's dance floor sleaze (in a good way) it still manages to feel current at the same time, thanks to its production and live percussive qualities.

    You can get the new track for free from the bands website as long as you can provide a name and an email address. Also make sure to check them out on September 24th when they play the Highline Ballroom. - brendan mehan

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    MP3: Cocaine Blues
    Escort on Mypsace

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