The Last Royals Drop Atmospheric New Album 'Never Be Alone'
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    The Last Royals are a Brooklyn-bred duo that should absolutely be on your radar. There's something refreshing about them - almost like British pop mixed with a happy, intergalactic feel. The duo consists of writer/singer/producer, Eric James and his right-hand man and drummer Mason Ingram, who met while recording a record to benefit Restore NYC. They've released a self-titled EP, a debut-album Twistification and now they're back with a completely new sound in Never Be Alone.

    Never Be Alone opens up a whole new ball game for The Last Royals. It's completely different from their debut-album in all the right ways, and they still managed to maintain that electro-pop sound that's true to their core. Contrary to the infectious pop anthems found in Twistification, The Last Royals have crafted a synth-heavy, 80s-inspired electronic album with the stripped-back, hazy vocals from Eric James.

    The twinkly synths and catchy chorus in "If You Wanna Say I Love You" under the sultry, pleading vocals make for quite the magical song. "Tragedy" sounds a little bit like a dreamy mix between David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper. Miles Away showcases James' vocal abilities over heavy drum-beats and the jubilant nature of the song makes you feel like you could run a million miles. The album's closing track is a cover of Mazzy Star's, "Fade Into You" and it's a guitar-heavy, even more hazy version of the original. James' vocals are delicate, raw and emotional and I couldn't have imagined a better way to cap off such a record.

    The Last Royals will be playing two shows at the Rockwood Music Hall on September 27th and October 18th.

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