Leona Lewis Stuns With Gorgeous Cover of Kanye West's 'Only One'

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    You know I'm a nerd because when I think of Leona Lewis, I don't think of her time on the British version of The X Factor or the fact that she is the poster child for the Simon Cowell model for turning musicians into stars. And I don't particularly think about her solo career post-that competition. I think of the fact that she sang one of the big songs on the soundtrack to Final Fantasy XIII. Yeah, I'm a dork. And while I don't know much about her actual music, I know Leona Lewis has a hell of a voice -- a trait that's becoming increasingly rare with today's pop products. And Lewis just released a gorgeous cover of Kanye West's "Only One." Maybe the two should work together on a track together in an official capacity?

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