Hippo Campus Continue To Strike Richer Pop Rock Notes

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    One of the great pleasures of being a music journalist are those moments when you know a band is on the verge of breaking through. They've got the right songs. They've got the right personality. They're getting the right push. This is their moment, and they're on their way. And ever since I saw Minnesota pop-rockers Hippo Campus open for Night Riots and the Mowgli's a couple months back, I've seen them gain more and more traction and release more and more great music, and their newest track, "The Halocline," might be their best yet.

    Tied into the TNT sci-fi program Falling Skies -- which I've never seen but my dad is a big fan -- "The Halocline" is one of the group's most rock-oriented tracks yet. Dripping with that textured, emotive guitar sound that immediately calls to mind Local Natives, "The Halocline" is a sprawling, six minute track combining raw and full-throated vocals with languorous and slinking guitar lines. For a band that only has an EP to their name, Hippo Campus continues to deliver the goods.

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