Foxygen Drops Trippy New Single 'Cosmic Vibrations'
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 02, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    This October, Foxygen is set to release their new album And Star Power. Their newest single "Cosmic Vibrations" provides a glimpse of the impending strangeness the Californian duos album will likely expand upon.

    The tune is wholesome and retro, but also somehow sick and satisfying. The song alternates between the eerie, deep, milky vocals of Jonathan Rado, and the thin, quavering, pubescent falsetto of Sam France. The ultimate effect is a string of laid-back, complacent ramblings that are effortlessly intoxicating and captivating.

    France's foreboding and hazy lyrics warn; "If you want me you can have me/You can have me but I'm all used up." This refrain reminds me of an anecdote a friend recently relayed about visiting a Seven-Eleven in the midwest, at which his mother asked the cashier if the gas-station carried baguette. "We've got what we've got," replied the woman behind the counter, unapologetically. The vibe of "Cosmic Vibrations" is kind of like that. Foxygen is putting all they've got to offer out there; and even though it doesn't seem like they're trying all that hard, they've simply got what they've got. And, like with wonder-bread instead of baguette, chances are you'll enjoy if you just go with it.

    Give it a listen below.

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