new coldplay song sounds like old coldplay songs
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

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    Yeah. It's called "Wedding Bells" and it was the surprise ending of yesterday's Apple circle-jerk. Of course Steve brought Chris Martin in to play a few songs, he named his kid after the company!

    Martin admits the song may never appear again, so take it for what it is... a pseudo-crappy performance by Chris Martin and a piano. He also played "Yellow", which I wish we had on video BUT WE DON'T. He also played "Viva La Vida" which I snore.

    WARNING: obligatory bad tech jokes.

    "Wedding Bells" [via]:

    The band's "more acoustic" album is due sometime at the end of the year, and it will probably sound something like what you just experienced. Stay tuned! -joe puglisi

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