Karen O Performs 'Rapt' In Your Living Room
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Karen O's solo debut Crush Songs is a collection of intimate moments in lo-fi packaging, so it's only fitting that her tour include a handful of intimate performances in lo-fi packaging, like your living room. O announced that she'd be putting on a series of internationally located performances in the living rooms of a few lucky fans, and New York has hosted her first friends and family appearance. While the hipster lullaby love song isn't a new hat for O—the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ranged from delicate to death core, and O co-wrote the sad and lovely "Moon Song" with Spike Jonze for Her—undressed intimacy on-stage is. O became famous for her punk rock spirited costumed performances, but the living room series features a no frills O with a mic and a guitar. Karen O might be shy.

    See her New York City living room appearance below, via Sofar Sounds:

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