Miley Cyrus: The Movement Is Terrifying
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Miley Cyrus and MTV are embracing the young pop star's absurdity by labeling it as a "movement". Teen Mom TV recently released the trailer for the upcoming hour-long special called Miley: The Movement. Don't be fooled, this "movement" isn't referring to the exercise of bobbing her ass up and down. Oh no, they consider Miley's brash behavior to be a cultural revolution. This single uneducated 20-year-old is going to be the proud face of her very own trashy Renaissance.

    At the end of the trailer she mentions having an "army", which has us terrified that she has secretly started her own corporation called Skynet, where horrifying Teddy Bear robots are being built as we speak. Luckily, however, her army is just a mass of illiterate teens and creepy old men.

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