Har Mar Superstar Bike Battles Juliette Lewis In 'Prisoner'
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Rarely do I countdown the days leading up to the release of music videos (sorry Pearl Jam). But there have been a few exceptions as of late; just like everyone else, I was nail-biting in anticipation for Arcade Fire's "Reflektor", but I've also been on the edge of my seat waiting for Har Mar Superstar's "Prisoner". Har Mar's been sneaking out tid-bit photo samples, and from what I gathered, it starred super-hot - in a crazy aunt kinda way - Juliette Lewis, featured bike tricks, rad costumes, and a suave-as-ever Har Mar. Well folks, I was not disappointed. While the bike-dance theme was created with an 80s setting, I'm pretty sure there's a loft in Williamsburg where shit like this goes down every Tuesday.

    Har Mar's Bye Bye 17 is out now. Get your copy here.

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